An eye-opening piece on the extent of anti-Semitism at just one American university. With political power having moved only a couple of generations in the last 50 years, it is shocking that the nation faces such a threat so soon after the Second World War. 

Officials turn a blind eye toward blatant anti-Semitism.

From FRONTPAGE MAG. By Ari Lieberman January 6, 2017

On its website, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) boasts its commitment to diversity, respect for individual differences and commitment to the principles of nonviolence and peaceful conflict resolution. These and other lofty values are incorporated in MTSUs “True Blue Pledge” that incoming students take at convocation. Unfortunately, MTSU has failed to abide by its own principles and has turned a blind eye toward hate speech and incitement to violence.

The Muslim Students Association maintains an active and pernicious presence at MTSU. Much has been written about the MSA and its nefarious origins and activities but briefly; the MSA is an Islamo-fascist organization with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, the MB has described the MSA as one of its organizations. The MSA has received financing from various extremist elements, subscribes to an extremist ideology that incorporates elements of Wahabism and has been described by law enforcement as an “incubator for radicalization” and a “virtual terror factory.”

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