This Is a Big Deal

It’s pretty widely acknowledged that the Election of 2016 will be a watershed event in American history. Its impact will be widespread and profound. A polarized America is faced with what many, if not most, consider to be a regrettable choice.

Essentially, we have a woman who rode her husband’s presidential coattails into politics and has since assembled a massive force of secular-progressives who are willing to turn a blind eye to her massive catalogue of malfeasance in order to get her to the Oval Office, running against a bombastic showman who somehow cannot find the ability to control his own mouth.

Anyone but Hillary

Hillary Clinton is now a seasoned politician with a long résumé. Throughout her lengthy tour in American politics, from first lady of Arkansas to secretary of state, she has cultivated and solidified a reputation for brazen dishonesty. She is the epitome of a political insider. Her Clinton Global Initiative mixes so-called “charity” with politics to the point that it is being investigated by the FBI. While her naive supporters indulge the fantasy that she genuinely cares about them, she trots around taking “charitable” contributions the world over from foreigners hoping to cash in on her power should she somehow reach the White House.


A Loudmouth Who Wins

Donald Trump has long had a reputation for bombastic buffoonery. He has a penchant for blurting before thinking, and often incites furious outrage among his detractors for saying things that many people feel should remain unsaid. Of course, a whole lot of people usually agree with him. He is a true rarity, if not an anomaly, in the history of American politics. He doesn’t back down. Trump is a bona fide political outsider, but he has succeeded in harnessing the ire of millions of Americans who don’t like what is happening to American society after decades of horrendous leadership in Washington. I am one of those millions.

Donald Trump was not my first choice in the primary race, but I am a realist. My first choice, whose campaign was the only one that I’ve donated to, was Ben Carson. Carson is a thinker. Carson is a Christian. Carson is really smart and very sincere. Alas, Carson lacked charisma. His deliberately low-key approach to speaking cost him traction, and ultimately, the nomination.

My second choice was Ted Cruz, but it didn’t take me too long to realize that he couldn’t beat Trump. I’m not a registered Republican, so I couldn’t vote in the Florida primary. When Trump took 46% of the vote in a field of six major candidates, including supposed favorite son Marco Rubio (27%) and ex-governor Jeb Bush (2%), I knew Trump was unstoppable.


I can’t blame the dedicated supporters of the other candidates for holding out to the extent that they still believed it was possible for their candidates to win, but many held on far too long out of some sort of destructive refusal to face reality. Once Trump was clearly going to be the GOP candidate, a demonstration of unity behind the presumptive candidate was definitely something that should have happened, but didn’t. Trump now has more than a few axes to grind, and with good reason.

Hillary Owes a Lot of Favors

To foreigners. The most obvious reason, the one that lies at the very center of a sound rationale for supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy, is the fact that she is the mother of all political insiders. She, as well as all the other career politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, is in it for herself. For decades she has spun a tangled web of greed and power, accepting “gifts” and “contributions” and “donations” for her “charitable foundation,” and now she owes a whole lot of people a whole lot of requital. If Hillary goes to Washington, we are doomed to watch our government continue to grow out of control while simultaneously striking our fundamental rights from the Constitution.

Hillary is a student of the “We Know What’s Good for You” school of the secular-progressive elite. Of course, “Do as We Say; Not as We Do” is a fundamental tenet of the leftist elite’s doctrine of governance. Her career is riddled with too many examples to list here.


Donald Trump doesn’t owe anyone anything, at least outside of his regular business dealings. Even if Trump were to accept “donations” and “contributions,” it’s safe to say that he would conduct his policy without regard for “contributors.” He’s just that kind of person. He doesn’t care. We’ve all become acutely familiar with his willingness to collide rather than swerve to evade.

A Real Chance to Break the Cycle

Donald Trump is the ultimate Washington outsider; that much has become glaringly obvious to all of us. Trump succeeded in capturing the nomination of a Republican party that was openly hostile to him. He endured brutal attacks from all angles even after securing the nomination, and has had to move forward in this historic contest against Hillary’s nanny state aspirations without the wholehearted support of his own party.

Republicans have been selling their base a bill of goods for decades. They should have known that they couldn’t get away with it forever. The latest crop of heirs apparent, comfortably awaiting anointment by their party and confident that their seats at the tables of power were assured, had their dreams shattered by a brash, vulgar outsider. Now they are angry, like spoiled kids who have finally been told, “No.” They are bitter. Some have taken their marbles and gone home. Others have sworn retribution. A few have decided to get behind Trump and hope for the best.

Donald Trump likes to shake things up, and that is exactly what America needs. Many of us believe that it’s now or never. Sending Trump to the White House may well set off a chain reaction wherein a majority of the old guard, otherwise comfortable at the public trough, are swept out by an electorate newly enlightened and inspired by the sheer scale of deception in American government and innumerable revelations of dereliction of duty and institutional iniquity.  A Trump victory will serve notice to politicians nationwide, at all levels of government, that the people are once again paying attention, and are tired of being misled and bamboozled by opportunistic con artists and frauds.

A Trump victory will enable our nation to finally hit the pause button on several issues of grave importance to our nation’s future while we sort out where we are and where we want to go.


A Hillary Clinton victory will offer no such opportunity. On we will slog through broken promises and outright lies as our so-called “leaders” play the poor against the wealthy, the minorities against the whites, women against men, the young against the old, and the fat against the skinny. More of the same. Nothing will change except our quality of life, which, judging from a trendsetting Barack Hussein Obama, will decline.

Hillary Clinton represents the worst of American government. Comfortably entrenched in power, detached from, and unconcerned with, the issues of the people she claims to represent. She has demonstrated beyond any shred of doubt that she has no respect for her own constituents’ intelligence. She has established a pattern of dishonesty that has resulted in a consensus among Americans that she lacks even a smidgen of credibility. She is a bona fide liar.

If we are ever going to rescue this nation from the hubris-ridden elites who purport to represent our interests while enriching themselves, that time is now.


For Hillary Clinton and  her “husband” Bill, government has been their road to wealth. Trump doesn’t want to get into government to get rich. He’s already rich. He’s genuinely incensed at the vast scale of the Great American Sellout, and he wants to help America get a grip on itself before it’s too late.

The End Justifies Just About Anything

I like Donald Trump. His propensity to say whatever it is that he’s thinking is a fresh departure from the calculated sermons and lectures we Americans have grown so accustomed to hearing from self-interested career politicians. He exudes a raw authenticity that is all but absent in virtually every other contemporary American politician. America desperately needs what he has to offer us.

Donald Trump might well be a complete buffoon. He is indisputably audacious and abrasive, and he has an annoying boastful streak. I don’t care about any of that. Donald Trump is exactly what America needs.


Let’s Make America Great Again.