A Dearth of True Leadership


Why are our leaders so committed to ignoring the existential threat posed by the wholesale introduction of Islam into the West? Why is the mainstream Western press so complicit in the aggrandizement of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance? Am I missing something here? Is there a grand plan in the works that will save us all, or are our leaders really the collection of abject idiots and clowns that they appear to be?

Islamists prove, on a daily basis, that Islam is anything but a religion of peace and tolerance. Mass executions, public mayhem, incessant social agitation and political turmoil the world over  prove to any half-witted observer that there is no peace or tolerance accompanying Islam anywhere.

Yet our own leaders act as if Christians, Jews, and secular Westerners, alarmed by the steadily growing momentum of Islam as a political and social force in the West, are the true problem.

According to the assortment of liars and con artists who have managed to hijack the leadership of Western Civilization, if we would only be kinder and gentler to Muslims, they would be kinder and gentler to us.


Institutional Depravity

Islam preys on the weak and innocent. One needs only to look at the mass misfortune of non-Muslims living in Muslim countries to understand that Islam as a hegemonic political force issues no mercy to non-Muslims. Muslim or not, citizens of Muslim-majority countries are subjected to penal codes that can only be defined as institutional depravity by Western standards. It is not by mistake. 1400 years of Quran-based cultural traditions and mores are what gave birth to the brutal way of life that pervades the Islamosphere. This is what Muslims now bring to the West.

The only countries on Earth where Islam constitutes a majority religion and coexists with other faiths are countries with secular governments that forcibly dilute the political power of the Islamists. Whenever and wherever the Islamists’ ever-present aspirations for total control of the government are realized, the eradication of all other faiths becomes the first and foremost item on the Islamists’ brutal agenda. 

An Abdication of Leadership in the West

By allowing a deluge of Islamists to inundate the West, our so-called “leaders” are abandoned their own first and foremost duty: to safeguard us and our way of life. Instead, they choose to preach at us incessantly about how denying entry to millions of people whose culture is antithetical to our own, and who harbor an unending desire to kill us all,  “isn’t who we are.”

Who Are We?

Has the leftist notion of cultural relativism succeeded in making the West a mere place where nothing is better than anything else? Can the West no longer base its own existence on the very values that allowed it to rise in the first place?

The leaders of the West need to reaffirm the Judea-Christian traditions and values that provided the cultural underpinnings of Western Culture. The people of the West deserve better than what they’re getting from the flaccid bunch of bandits and scoundrels who claim to be bestowing a moral compass upon the rest of us. Their compass points us straight to our own demise.

With their tandem policies of appeasement and accommodation regarding the Islamic Menace, the leaders of the West are leading us to death.