The big news lately seems to be whether or not Islam is being singled out as a religion by Westerners who aspire to keep the West intact as a civilization, and, more broadly,  whether or not people of any particular religion should be denied entry  as refugees, immigrants or whatever one might label them because their so-called religious beliefs run counter to long-established values and mores around which the destination culture has been erected.

As anyone who occasionally reads the news knows, the conflict has been raging for some time now in Europe.  What has become known as the Great Replacement is rapidly picking up speed and momentum. Native Europeans are beginning to realize that they’ve been sold out by their own leaders. If something isn’t done quickly to rectify the current course they’re on, European culture, as we know it, will become a footnote in an Islamic history volume.

The conflict has now arrived in America. Our president, Obama the Transformer, has hurled a Molotov cocktail right at mainstream America with his audacious proposal to bring Islamic refugees into the country, after having denied asylum to many more desperate Christian and Yazidi refugees who have been uprooted from their homes in the Middle East and chased about the desert there while being kidnapped, raped, murdered, tortured and enslaved by Islamists.

The problem with the current argument over whether or not Muslims should be admitted into the United States as refugees is that its very premise grants Islam the presumptive status of a religion, in the Western sense of the word, in the first place.

Islam is not a religion in the Western sense of the word. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the forces of multiculturalism and cultural relativism have not yet gained the traction necessary to assert that America is not based on Western values. That may seem like a silly thing to say, but there are those among us who truly intend to, well, transform the West in general, and closer to home, America in particular, into some Utopian amalgamation of happily coexisting cultures merely sharing a common geography. In this new revisionist paradigm, each culture lives according to its own set of virtues and values, and despite contradictions between the values of cultural groups, they all enjoy a peaceful and fruitful existence. In this fantastically simplistic and generous theory of social symbiosis, Islam is a harmless social force that contributes positively to the overall prosperity that is bound to result from the realization of the ridiculous theory.

There is no other way that leftists can justify doggedly campaigning for the introduction of scores upon scores of Muslim “refugees” into America, other than to claim that they will cause no great harm, and will contribute to the American nation in much the same way that many other groups already have.

There are at least a couple very good reasons why such an assertion should be rejected mightily. These are the very same reasons that expose Islam as an all-encompassing philosophy of hatred, bigotry, oppression and exclusion bent on world domination, prosecuting its ultimate objectives while masquerading as a religion. These defining distinctions are simple and concise. They are inarguable. They enable all who claim to truly value individual freedom and liberty to see through the purposed turpidity of Islamic “thought.”

Islam recognizes no ultimate legal authority other than its own. In stunning contrast to other widespread world religions, Islam specifically rejects any and all secular authority in the governance of nations. Whereas Judaism and Christianity have both long existed within boundaries established by secular governments, themselves meant to ensure the liberty of citizens of all faiths, or none at all, Islam has not.

The only examples of Islam existing as a majority religion in a national context wherein it does not also govern are cases in which the political aspirations of the Islamists have been held in  check by sheer military force. A good example is Egypt. Another is Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The only deterrent that Islamic aspirants understand is power. In a state governed by civil authorities in the Western sense, there is simply not a brutal enough deterrent to prevent Islamists from sowing mayhem. A good example of that is Sweden. Another is France. Regrettably, much of the daily discord and gradual but steady deterioration of Western values in Europe that is occurring everyday as a result of an Islamic inundation goes unreported in the mainstream media. For inexplicable reasons, the mainstream press doesn’t want Westerners to know the true gravity of the problem.

The curve of the so-called “integration” of Muslims into Western societies is by now well-documented and therefore exceedingly predictable.

Refugees and Victims

Muslims arrive more often than not to Western countries as refugees and victims. Curiously, in the droves of refugees that have been presently overwhelming attempts to manage them, there is a disproportionately high number of males. Why do so many Muslim males leave their own families for Western Comfort? 

After gaining a foothold in a Western society, Muslims begin to complain about being “oppressed.” Apparently, their new-found circumstance of actually being able to express their thoughts without fear of reprisal leads them to pine for the very arrangement from which they fled. This is an amazing example of human stupidity.

After gaining the sympathy of the general populace of their host countries, Muslims begin to agitate for more “parity” and “equity.” Natives, often in a sort of mental abeyance, and without any sort of support from their own government, predictably begin to move away from the areas where the Muslims have concentrated themselves. An Islamic enclave is born. These new Muslim enclaves breed the very sort of hate and discord that the so-called refugees fled from in the first place.

Soon, the Muslims are trashing and burning and agitating and raping and generally doing everything that they claimed all along to be running from originally.

We can’t know for sure where this leads, because we are literally at the vanguard of this madness. We can only seek to preserve our own way of life. Islam is anti-Western, and obviously incompatible with Western Civilization. To expect to convert so many doggedly dedicated idiots is suicidally  unrealistic. Our leaders should, first and foremost, put the survival of our way of life first, beyond any pie-in-the-sky schemes or happy-go-lucky, warm and fuzzy, touchy-feely, imaginary paradigms that they see fit to impose on us.


The worst part about Islam is its built-in feature of deception: Taqiyya. Islamists are allowed by their faith to deceive the rest of us into thinking that they’re actually decent folk. This is horrible. We can’t possibly be friends if you have a disclaimer that you can lie to me to make me believe that we are friends, while you harbor hatred for me the whole time. How  can that be even remotely fair and decent? This is a big problem.

Islam must be eradicated in the West. Otherwise, the West will cease to be the West.