An Existential Threat to the West


Modern civilization faces an imminent, worldwide, existential threat:


It is hard to imagine a global security climate wherein large scale international military cooperation would be more warranted than the situation in which the entirety of the earth’s population current lives.

A worldwide Islamic menace has engulfed the globe, sewing fear into the fabric of everyday life for billions. Western governments have been slow to act on this unprecedented threat, and often seem to be more concerned about offending Muslims than protecting Western Culture from Islamic terrorism.

Liberals are quick to rush to the defense of Islam, and usually make ridiculously irrelevant references to past transgressions by Christianity as a whole, or certain individuals in particular who the liberals present as examples of some sort of Christian equivalent to Islamic terror.

The biggest problem with the false analogy angle used by liberals to defend Islam is that the examples of wholesale Christian tyranny they cite are centuries-old. No centuries-old example of anything can even remotely justify or mitigate anything else in the here and now. The Westerners alive today cannot possibly stop anything from happening centuries ago. Likewise, what happened centuries ago has no import on the situation unfolding around the world right now. What is of paramount significance today is the safety and security of billions of people the world over and how the world’s governments will handle the Islamic Threat. Analogies, valid or not, are irrelevant.

Liberal Pseudo-Intellectualism

Liberal pseudo-intellectuals would gain some legitimacy if they would put their own nation first for a change. Too many liberals seem to view the West in general, and America in particular, as somehow morally flawed and in need of corrective cultural therapy. Liberals are eager to point out the litany of evils perpetrated on the world by Western countries, and the peaceable nature of Muslims. They bristle at the reality that Islam is a horrifically violent, all encompassing prescription for lifelong despair, deprivation and depravity, and go to great lengths to portray it as some sort of grossly misunderstood “religion of peace.”

Unfortunately, 50 years of misguided exercises in multiculturalism and cultural relativism has given rise to more than a generation of Westerners who have inadequate grounding in their own cultural origins, and thereby are largely ignorant of the fantastically exceptional nature of Western Culture when compared its non-Western counterparts.

This circumstance leaves the West at a great disadvantage, as scores of its own citizens must now be convinced of the advantages they enjoy that are the result of the culture they live in, and how allowing Islam to degrade their culture (which it will) will lead to the demise of the West. This is very important, because without the West, there will be no semblance of Freedom on Earth.

The Islamists are patient, long-game planners. They understand that in order to bring down the West, they must first infiltrate it as innocent refugees. Our leadership is wholly unprepared to deal with such a strategy.

Islam Is Incompatible  with Western Culture

Many prominent leaders in Islam have loudly professed the incompatibility of Islam and Western Democracy. There is absolutely no question that the Quran itself is rife with verses that run counter to Western values. The progression of the integration of Islam as a faith alone into Western societies, done in willful ignorance of the all-encompassing, political nature of Islam as the basis for a brand of civilization in its own right, increasingly endangers the values of the host societies themselves.

As the number of Muslims in Western countries grows, the group moves on a predictable curve from so-called refugee status to full-blown Islamic radicalism, and becomes saturated with disaffected militants bent on converting the countries that once welcomed their group as refugees into Islamic societies operating under Sharia law. Because of the nature of Islam itself, that foreseeable progression is inevitable.

The failure of Western leaders to understand that Islam is much more than just another “religion” promises to have dire consequences for all who favor personal liberty in democratically-governed nations, and moreover, the reluctance of our generation to do the difficult task of confronting the inarguable incompatibility of Islam and the West will visit terrible horrors upon future generations of Europeans and Americans.