How Liberals Are Using Wealth Redistribution and Opportunity Regulation to Destroy America

America is at a critical point in its evolution as a nation. Decisions of grave importance to the future of the American people loom gargantuan on the horizon, but, as is the case with most politically and emotionally charged issues facing an increasingly polarized country, misinformation abounds and expediency often usurps fortitude. The result, unfortunately, is often the degradation of  the very values and customs that enabled the discussion in the first place.

Across the board, America is confronted by social issues that many would prefer to pretend either do not exist or are drastically less severe in nature or of far less importance to us as a people than they actually are. The tendency of many to avoid uncomfortable conversations has allowed America to stray off course and become a nation of victims demanding justice and recompense for egregious transgressions perpetrated against them by the privileged majority. Liberals have been hugely successful at capitalizing on this tendency by mainstream America to avoid conflict, and have succeeded in steering American social policy on a far-left course for decades.

From Rule Breaker to Rule Maker

The American Civil Rights Movement, once dominated by American patriots who sacrificed and struggled to bring the American Dream to blacks and other disadvantaged Americans, ceased to be a movement, by any reasonable stretch of the word’s meaning, long ago. The Civil Rights Establishment, now a sort of ad hoc consortium of attention seekers and profiteers like Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson,  has played a disproportionately large role in American politics and social issues for decades now.

Encouraged and emboldened by a majority that prefers to remain curiously mum on many issues of grave importance to our nation’s future, the Civil Rights Establishment has often run roughshod over reality in its pursuit of its own vision of social and racial justice. The unmitigated gravitation of America toward mass victimhood has brought the nation to a point in our history where we must finally face some very difficult realities and have some very difficult conversations if we expect to sustain ourselves as a nation in the manner we have become accustomed to.  The course that We, the American People, are on, the course we have largely been led to by a natural human tendency to avoid discomfort, is an unsustainable one.

America is, in many ways,  becoming the proverbial ragdoll, pulled violently in  several different directions at once, at the risk of being torn completely apart.

Perennial Class Antagonism

Liberalism, in all its styles and namesakes has done more to divide and antagonize the American people than any other single social force in our nation’s history.  As a political philosophy, Liberalism depends quite critically on the implied, natural and perpetual, though correctable, inequality of opportunity and wealth distribution in America. At its very heart lies the trident of class antagonism, regulation of opportunity, and wealth redistribution. Class antagonism provides the justification for regulation of opportunity and wealth redistribution, while the beneficiaries of those liberal social policies ensure a loyal base at the ballot box. The lifespan of the social construct wrought by liberalism is quite predictable, and depends in large part on the ability of the portion of the population that is productive to support or otherwise absorb the portion of the population that lives at a net cost to taxpayers in one way or another.

As the number of beneficiaries of liberal policy grows, the number of benefactors is diminished by an equal part and the ability of the payors to carry the payees depreciates.  Eventually, the sheer economic weight of an extraordinarily large group of payees becomes an undue burden on the economic vitality of the payors, and the entire economy becomes distressed. Eventually, everyone suffers.

One needs only to look across the Atlantic at the troubled EU and the myriad debt problems its members have perennially struggled with as a direct result of grossly unrealistic welfare state economic models to understand the direction America is headed in. Without getting into an unnecessary dissection of EU economics, it is fair to say that the EU itself is an excellent example, on a very grand scale, of what happens when you have an economic scheme that is predicated on not just the ability, but the willingness of the productive members of any union to carry the non-productive members of the same. Sooner or later, as the old saw goes,  the chickens come home to roost.  You simply cannot have an economy that forcibly confiscates large amounts of wealth from its productive members and doles it out to its non-participants and non-productive members. It is a finite arrangement.

For Europe, the chickens are arriving home. For America, it’s only a matter of time, unless We, the People, demand a different course for our nation and enforce our wishes at the ballot box.  Time is not on our side.

A Recipe for Social Discord

In the history of the world, no voter, given a free and fair election, has ever failed to vote for more money. Liberal politicians have learned that by promising real, tangible economic benefit of some sort to constituents, (manifested in any number of ways through liberal social policy) they are appealing to a rather primal electoral instinct, however unrealistic, that is very difficult to combat with sound fiscal reasoning alone.  The state as Robin Hood is a true vote generator for the least educated, least employed, lowest socioeconomic stratum of the American electorate.  That stratum has the ability to win elections, and liberals are well aware of that. The inevitably existential problem with the liberals’ scheme to generate power perpetuating votes through generous welfare programs targeting specific demographic groups is that it is fiscally, socially, and culturally unsustainable.  When the proverbial well dries up, there will be hell to pay. “Social unrest” is a euphemistic way to describe what awaits America when the bill comes due on all the debt-funded entitlement schemes that currently a vast universe of potential malcontents and social miscreants at bay.  When the de facto payoff for social order grinds to a halt, so will the relative and tenuous social peace America has enjoyed for so long.

Cultural and Racial Animosity

As a nation, America has always been faced with the steep challenge of living up to its self-professed set of values. Viewed next to the entirety of human history in terms of governments and social constructs, the United States of America has nary a peer. America is still by far the best place on Earth for the average person, male or female, of any race, to live. Indeed, with respect to every “minority” demographic present in the American population today, it is by no means unreasonable to assert that the vast majority are far better off living as minorities in America than as members of majorities in their ancestral homelands.  While it would be unfair to use that fact to justify anything less than full equality and enfranchisement for minorities in America, it nonetheless cannot be ignored when establishing the tone of most discussions regarding mainstream American society in the here and now.  Liberals, nevertheless, ignore it.

Most American liberal politicians would have one think that America is a terrible place to live for anyone who isn’t a white male. Anecdotal examples that serve the liberal media’s misinformational purposes are sensationalized, distorted, and misrepresented well beyond reality in an eager effort to somehow portray America as an awful place for a minority to live. Surely there have been, and will continue to be, incidents wherein ignorant people do ignorant things on account of their own bigoted views.

There will almost certainly be further episodes of small-scale institutionalized racism, or some other ism, coming to light for the world to view, as America continues to evolve as a nation.  It is disingenuous to claim that such relatively minor contemporary instances and examples of small-mindedness and intolerance point to a still-to-be-reckoned-with, fundamentally racist and intolerant America.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Protected Classes, and Flipping the Book on Discrimination

In the world of the so-called “protected class,” it appears that some classes are more protected than others.  The duplicitously named Affirmative Action, now practiced throughout America for more than half a century, seeks to correct a history of bias and discrimination in employment and education through the use of bias and discrimination.  Proponents of Affirmative Action maintain that the practice does not involve the use of bias and discrimination, and yet offer quite contrarily that the regrettable, deleterious effects it has on non-protected (usually white guys) citizens is minimal, and of course tolerable, to them. So-called Affirmative Action is rife with philosophical contradictions and oxymoronic logic.

At present, the population of people who are members of  so-called “protected classes’ (basically non-white males) actually comprise a majority of the overall population. The largest protected class, females, actually makes a stand-alone majority.   Currently, white males, the sole unprotected class of persons residing in the United States, make up approximately 31 percent of the American population. It follows then, arithmetically, that 69 percent of the American population belongs to at least one protected class.  In essence, a system devised to supposedly bring about greater inclusion for all has been distorted and perverted to the point where it amounts to codified discrimination against the one demographic that can claim to have founded the nation. It is amazing. That fact alone should end Affirmative Action altogether, but, with a Supreme Court that lacks any desire to apply constitutional law equally to all issues and all citizens without prejudice, the fight to end codified favoritism will drag on for some time.

Like wealth redistribution, Affirmative Action is simplistic in nature and ignores reality at the expense of American values.  It is a distinctly un-American policy. Because merit is hardly a component of either practice, both ultimately weaken institutions and dilute the long-established ethos that made American exceptionalism possible.

Both Affirmative Action and debt-driven, entitlement-based wealth redistribution encourage mediocrity, and contribute to social tension, which is to be expected, because liberal policies both thrive on, and result in social tension.  This eventually results in a socioeconomic maelstrom from which a republic rarely escapes without enduring a mass conflagaration of one sort or another.

The last thing liberals want is social harmony. It would remove any pretense of justification for Orwellian-liberal social engineering schemes and leave people of all colors and persuasions to rise and fall solely on their own merit,

Just as it should be.